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          在哪个网站赌博好 - 正规网赌软件app的中学音乐课程使用的音乐技术,理论,技术,性能和成分为所有人创造中学生多样化的音乐教育。学生参加每周三班类和鼓励通过唱歌,乐器,理论,运动,和案头工作,探索他们的音乐才华。






          The Middle School Band meets during the academic day for 6th and 7th grade students. This band is more advanced than other area middle school bands because the majority of the students already have 2-3 years of experience on their instrument. Tutoring and assistance is available for incoming students who may not bring the same amount of experience when they arrive at TSS. Student musicians are often interested in singing and playing instruments and we believe that they should be able to do so. Students who wish to can participate in both Band and Chorus throughout their years at TSS. The 中学 带 performs in the annual MS & US Concerts and assemblies.

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